Mountain ash blossoms

The blossoms of a mountain ash growing in our backyard caught my eye earlier this spring.

P6052497.ORF.xmp (24.1 KB)

Tried out some of the goodies in upcoming Darktable 3.6. In particular:

  • color grading with Color balance RGB
  • selective sharpening using the contrast equalizer and detail mask
  • the big revelation for me here was using another instance of Color balance RGB with a mask for vignetting – the global brilliance is very well suited for this, and additionally global chroma can be decreased a bit on the edges if desired

Pretty happy with this edit, but would love to see what others get out of this :slight_smile:

P6052497.ORF (16.4 MB)
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Beautiful shot, thanks for sharing! Here is my ART edit:

P6052497.ORF.arp (11.9 KB)

Just some quick and basic adjustments (took about 10 mins or less), tried to preserve a bit more details on the bright flowers, and a bit colder look as a personal preference.


@flannelhead Thanks for sharing! Clean and refreshing.

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Beautiful image!

I’m still on 3.4.1

P6052497.ORF.xmp (10.3 KB)


mountain.ash.blossoms.pp3 (15.0 KB) RawTherapee


Interesting. Thanks for posting.

P6052497.ORF.xmp (15.2 KB)


Great shot!

dt 3.4

P6052497.ORF.xmp (32.3 KB)


Thanks for sharing


P6052497.ORF.xmp (15.4 KB)

P6052497_01.ORF.xmp (15.9 KB)


@sls141 Really like how you cropped this one!

And the edit isn’t bad either :grin:

Thanks for the excellent edits everyone! It’s interesting to see how everyone emphasizes different parts of the plant. And yes, the crop by @sls141 looks definitely very good, something I probably couldn’t have come up with.

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@flannelhead @Jade_NL Thanks.
The composition of the shot is very good. You have all of the foreground leaves included with the flowers very nicely. But then the details of the flowers aren’t as pronounced. :frowning_face:
Thus, my decision for a crop. At first I tried something like this:

But the leaves in the upper right are lost and they are nicely in focus with the light hitting them enough to stand out from the background.
Admittedly, it’s not a conventional crop, but this is “Play” Raw. :wink:

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thanks for posting
darktable 3.4.1

P6052497.ORF.xmp (17.0 KB)


P6052497.ORF.xmp (9.4 KB)
Processing in DT3.6 (my first steps into it)


I’m having trouble figuring out how to load your .xml file in so I can retrace the steps you took. I am on darktable 3.6.0 now.

Btw, AMAZING edit. Looks bold and colorful, but very natural.

I think this about darktable… sometimes the simple things remind me how much of a beginner I am.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:

To see the steps I took, place the .xmp file alongside the raw (.orf) file in a folder and open the file in darktable. This way you should see my edit.

Yup, that is what I thought. Will keep trying (I think my install went a little wonky… will play with it again).

Again, stunning edit. You Olympus shooters can do so much with that little sensor :slight_smile: That edit should be printed…

Turns out I attached the wrong XMP :man_facepalming: Try again, I edited the right XMP there now. Thanks for notifying about the issue!

Thanks! I actually thought of printing post cards.

I’ve not found the sensor size too restrictive especially if one practices ETTR correctly (in good light anyway). Darktable 3.6 detail masking helps as well in increasing the apparent sharpness by boosting the sharpest details. At least in images like this one, or bird images with a smooth background. Dual demosaic is probably also nice if there are further issues with noise in the demosaicing.

Anyway I think it’s the Sigma 56/1.4 lens that really shines here. A little marvel of a lens if you ask me, and very reasonably priced.

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Hey, at least it proves I’m not going crazy! Thanks for the update.