Mounting a couple of remote folders to PhotoPrism

I have the following setup right now:

  • Photos in a remote location accessible via SMB/ NFS
  • Videos in a local location accessible via SMB/ NFS

These are both visible and easily browsed using a TV or a Mobile Device on the local wifi. Network connectivity is decent enough to sustain 300 Mbps.

I want to try out PhotoPrism and I am not tech savvy enough to know how to make these locations visible to PhotoPrism.

I have the packages installed on a NUC as - Windows 11 > Docker > PhotoPrism. But I am willing to try out other options of setup (Linux/ Other forms of VMs).

From whatever I have read so far, the only viable option seems to be to attach local storage directly to the NUC via a USB 3.0 port and replicate all the media on to the drive. I have tried this using a pendrive and it did work out well. I am on the verge of picking up one or two 8/16 Tb drives to do this, but I wonder if the folks on this community have better ideas.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Are the photos and videos on the same network as the NUC? If they are, then you can mount the samba share on windows, then share it into the docker container.

If the media is not on the same network, then you’ll want to do something like VPN the two computers together.