Move and rename

  • source: I have selected: devices == off and this computer == on
  • destination: I have selected /photos/places/bc/vancouver/granville-island-2021

My problems are:

  1. the directories already exist.
  2. rpd creates another 2021 directory giving me: /photos/places/bc/vancouver/granville-island-2021/2021

I just want the final destination to be “/photos/places/bc/vancouver/granville-island-2021”

I have set the job-code to be: “granville-island” which allows me to rename “_img1234.cr2” to “granville-island-20210115-1234.cr2”.

What am I missing?


From the program documentation:

When thinking about your download directory structure, keep in mind two different types of directory:

  1. The Destination folder, e.g. “Pictures”, “Photos”, or “Videos”. This directory should already exist on your computer.
  2. The download subfolders, which are directories that will be automatically generated by Rapid Photo Downloader. They need not already exist on your computer, but it’s okay if they do. They will be generated under the Destination folder.

In this case, the destination folder is /photos/places/bc/vancouver
The download subfolder is job-code-YYYY

Finally, consider using sequence numbers, especially downloads today. The file name numbers generated by your camera are just that, numbers. There is nothing sacrosanct about them.

Thank you.

BTW, is there a way of displaying the preview/thumbnail bigger?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is implementing the code to fetch larger file previews would kill performance. I wrote the program to account for users who download tens of thousands of files at time. In an ideal world Rapid Photo Downloader would provide the option to choose between performance and quality. But that requires time that I don’t have, and there is not much demand for it.

Thank you