Move files and edits between computers?

I mostly photograph nature and birds and on my travels I bring a small laptop for backups, field edits and postings on Facebook and places like that. When I come back home i would like to import those photos and edits to my main computer and have just copied the raw and XMP files to an USB-drive. I then connect the USB drive to my main computer and do a Import and Copy in DT. The files imports fine but none of my edits that I believe are stored in those XMP files. I have even tried to manually copy those XMP files with the files editor to the proper location but still my edits are missing. Sure it must be possible to move edits, tags and so on from one computer to another… but I can not figure out how? What am I missing?

Manually move them to where you want them and just do add to library and you should be fine…

Copy & Import does not look at the xmp data. You need to use Add to Library

Only the images are copied and if an existing XMP sidecar file is available for the image, it will not be read, copied or used.

darktable 4.6 user manual - import & review

Thank you for your replies! I will try that out and report back!

Just want to report back that your suggestions worked perfectly! Thank you!
However it is a bit annoying that you have to import one folder at the time. It would be perfect if you could select a number of folders with shift-click or control-click like you normally can in most applications…

You can just import the folder above - darktable weeds out the duplicates. I have a scheme of daily directories (/2024/01/06/filename), copy (with Rapid Photo Downloader) and then just import the January if I have several days on the card or drive. Not that I shoot much just now…