Move logos to About window

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

Hello @David_Tschumperle

I find the four logos in the bottom-left corner distracting. They are also difficult to discern, and unnecessary.
Would you consider moving them to the About section instead?

(G'MIC staff) #2

Not sure the institutions will be OK for that, but at least I’ll forward your suggestion to Sébastien, the developer of the Qt plug-in interface :slight_smile:


The dark theme does mitigate the distraction for me; i.e., dark on dark. Instead of an about page, how about splash window? Or whatever you call the thing that pops up when you launch an app (e.g. GIMP).

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

G’MIC-Qt takes about 1 second to start, that means that a window would appear for 1 second. That would be distracting and annoying. The point is to get rid of distractions :wink:


Could be done in Adobe flash if we want distracting :rofl:. I forgive you: sarcasm is hard to detect.


Speaking of logos and interface it will be nice ( if possible without too much hassle ) to rearrange a bit the bottom of the preview side so you can get a bigger preview which is always nice , maybe something a bit like this :


I had that thought too. Definitely better for screenshots :slight_smile:.

Another one is to place the logos as far from the preview window as possible. I think it is their proximity that makes them distracting.

(Lyle Kroll) #8

Logos don’t bother me; am using the dark theme so maybe afre might have a point. Regardless, you have to give credit with credit’s due and I don’t see anything wrong with the logos. Doesn’t take away, at all, from the effectiveness of the G’MIC plugin period. Yes; it’s a matter of taste but so is choosing to use G’MIC.

Keep up the great work, David. Personally am thankful for the entities that support your endeavors. :slight_smile:


Hi all,
latest version of Gmic answered to this, it is possible now to choose to display logos or not, and the UI is a bit different now for logos or the layers options :

We can end up with a very large preview if we need it, it’s just fantastic to have this option now.

Thanks a lot to all the people involved and working on G’mic :slight_smile: