Moving Storage Location for Albums Only - v.6.4.0 for Mac

Using digikam v.6.4.0 for Mac I would like to move my collection that is now in /Users/myhomedirectory/Pictures to an external SSD. My database will remain on my internal drive.
From a previous, somewhat confusing discussion I assume that I would need to create a collection directory on the external drive, copy all albums to that directory, and then in digikam Preferences/Collections Settings–Collections on Removable Media, click “Add Collections” and chose the destination directory–all while digkam is running and then delete the original directories from the internal drive. Is that so?

I would rather add an empty folder from the external drive as a collection to digiKam first and then move the images from the old collection to the new one within digikam.

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Thank-you, Andrius. That makes sense.

And now to execute that process in digikam I need to know how to direct the application to: /Volumes/External01/PicsExt01
There does not seem to be a way in digikam to navigate to that directory on the micro SD card in order to add it as a collection. What am I missing?

Aha! I have just realized that although one can’t navigate to the removable media in order to select it, one can simply type the path in the dialog and hit return and that works to establish the new collection. Sorry to waste the bandwidth but perhaps someone will also not realize the solution and benefit by my trials.


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