Moving to DT with descirpions and tags

I’ve been using DT (linux) on and off. Now Bill Ferguson has solved my DT problem of post sharpening. BTW, 2.7, the incoming 2.8, looks so much better…

I have 50,000 images in Digikam (linux) with tags and descriptions stored in XMPs, but no image processing is done is Digikam.

A few weeks ago, somebody mentioned that it was a very bad idea of sharing XMPs between Digikam and Darktable.

Any suggestion on how to switch/convert the tags and descriptions to DT?


That’s news to me. Could you explain or point to the referenced statement?

In the past digikam overwrote all the elements from darktable when saving its content into XMP files. if that bug is fixed. it should probably work to use the same XMP for both. If it isnt fixed yet, we should really push the devs to finally fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

A few weeks ago, Pascal wrote a message on it as part of a thread, explaining that it wasn’t a good idea to share the XMPs.

I just found it: toward the end.


I can remember talk on the digikam mailing list about interoperability of the rating tags with DT. And DT uses it’s own namespace in xmp, right? There’s no reason digikam should overwrite that. I just tested with my very outdated appimage of digikam (a beta of 6.0.0, as I don’t have time to recompile digikam right now):

  1. Open a raw image in digikam, set a rating.
  2. Open that image in DT: Rating is visible. Change some processing parameters and close DT.
  3. Back in digikam change rating and add a tag.
  4. Go back to DT: Processing is still applied.
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This is the problem for me, I want to move the tags and descriptions from DK to DT which is why I asked the question.


What is the problem? According to my testing everything works: My tags and ratings from digikam are displayed in darktable and darktable editing parameters are not influenced by digikam changing tags. As far as I see their perfectly interoperable.

@foto Did you go ahead using digikam and darktable side-by-side and if yes, what were your experiences?

@foto Did you go ahead using digikam and darktable side-by-side and if yes, what were your experiences?

No, not yet. I’m having some family problems. Now the boss, aka she who must be obeyed, wants to also use the system and I want to keep her separate from me, so the earliest it’s going to go ahead is is January 2020.