MSYS2 flaking out

I’m having trouble getting my Windows builds of Filmulator to run because msys2’s pacman is failing when I’m trying to install packages.

Is anyone else having this problem?

pacman -Syuu

works fine here

W10. I just reinstalled entirely MSYS2 2 weeks ago. Nothing noticeable.
pacman -Syuu yesterday OK.

I had issues both in CI and on my Windows laptop.

I wonder what happened…

Something happened recently, I guess, that required a restart of the msys2 terminal to do the upgrade, and so I had to run pacman -Syuu twice in the build script for it to succeed.

This two-step procedure is completely normal (see step 5) and is required every time there’s been a significant update in any of the “core” msys2 packages, like msys2-runtime, filesystem, pacman itself, and others…

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