Multi GPU environment, Linux - flatpak

I generally do my rendering jobs on the secondary GPU but Natron auto-selects the first one by default, the one where the Xserver is running.

Any way to select the other one or use both?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Francesco,
Natron rendering mostly used the CPU, and only a few nodes use OpenGL rendering (eg shadertoy).
OpenGL as it is used in Natron requires a display, thus an Xserver. You could try starting another X server on your secondary GPU and launch Natron with display set to that server. I don’t have access to a dual GPU Linux, so you’ll have to figure out how to laugh an Xserver on the other GPU (probably using “startx” with some options).
If you find a solution, it would be nice to post it here, and we will add that to the doc.

Note that if OpenGL rendering on Linux is still getting used a lot, we could also modify the code to use EGL, which allows creating an OpenGL context without a display

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The example is for one card and multiple xserver, but the principle is the same for multiple cards (and for other vendors).

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