multi processing profile

(Gabriele ) #1

how would you manage to have multi processing profiles for one image?
I know the profile is saved along the image but if I wish to have more profiles for the same image the only option is to save in .config Rawtherapee profile directory. In this way when I load process profile from file I have all profiles I saved early.
I could save the profile with the base name but if it would be possible filter by file name…

How do you would do it?


(Glenn Butcher) #2

Not specific to any software, but here’s what I do to manage such: Instead of thinking of the processing chain as being related to the original image, I think of it as being related to a particular rendition of that image. So, for, say, DSG_1304.NEF, it took a particular processing chain to produce DSG_1304.tiff, and yet a different one to produce DSG_1304.jpg, and even another for DSG_1304-small.jpg

Now, in a sidecar-based workflow that could imply a bunch of sidecar files, but I think it’s worth it to acknowledge the semantics of the concept of ‘processing’…

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

@dafrasaga there is an open feature request for that:

(Gabriele ) #4

Hi. thanks for the info

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

Moved to Software > RawTherapee.