Multi-stars photometry

Hi everyone!
According to my posts on the old Siril forum (,260.msg1311.html) I’ve asked if it’s possible to do multi-stars photometry with Siril.

The short answer is no. It’s possible to do a multi-stars plot (as I’ve found out by myself) but the “setmagseq” command, as suggested, but as I also found by myself, accept only one magnitude. And this is fine in a lot of cases, but if you work with professionals they ask you to use more stars, as magnitude reference, so you can distribute the errors among more stars so you can reduce the global error of the measurement. That’s something that packages like MaximDL, AstroArt, MPO Canopus, and so on, do.
Is it possible, after 1.0, to consider to add it to Siril? I can try to make a patch by myself, but I’m so rusty in C that I don’t know if end up to something usable :joy::joy::joy:!!!

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Hi, if this is well the same thing, it is planned for the next version after 1.0: see the feature request here. Thanks

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Wow. Nice!! That’s an amazing news :heart: !