Multiple crops for the same images

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How can I do multiple crops?

I have a dozen images that are mostly processed, everything until the crop.

I’d like to try multiple exports with multiple crops/variations of each image.

Normally, RT saves the last PP3. I’ve looked at snapshots, either I don’t understand or make them work. They somehow disappear between sessions or I can’t make them re-appear or I’m lost…




Hi @foto snapshots are not saved between sessions.

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So how can save the variations on the crops?



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There’s not really an easy way to do it in RT, I don’t think.

What I would do is try one crop, and then export to jpg. Check the box to save the processing profile with the output image. Do that a few times for the different crops.

This will save a PP3 with each image you output. You can decide which version you like the best, and load the processing profile that was saved alongside the jpg to get the crop back.

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You’re correct here - the snapshots are gone once you close the file that you’re working on. the only way to have different versions of an image, that will last you through closing RT and reopening it, is to save the pp3 along with whatever you output. Here’s how the option looks on my computer.


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By saving separate PP3s, for now.

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RawTherapee works best with a workflow that considers the exported (non raw) file a new master file. This new master can then be further resized scaled, tagged etc in other software.

It’s a quite annoying model, for me the natural workflow is to use the raw as the master and export all files from it. RT does however have features that has increased rather than decreased my usage. Despite having to double/triple/quadruple my metadata handling and use rather clumsy pp3 tricks to export multiple sizes i still use it more and more…

My dream RT would have separate export modules on the queue tab and xmp/exif .xmp sidecar support.