Multiple name tags per face?

I’m going through the face detection process and assigning names to faces and wondering if there’s a way to assign more than one name tag to a single face?

I can’t see an obvious way to do it once the face is ‘known’ but I’m working in a context where people are usually known by more than one name and I need to be able to reflect this in the tagging and face recognition.


This is not possible and also does not make sense. Face recognition wouldn’t be able to process it either. Likewise, there is no standard in the metadata for assigning different names to a face region. Use normal tags to assign additional names to the entire image.

Make the name long. Group A knows this person as “Tom Jones” Group B knows this person as “Wacko Cracker”. The name tag is “Tom Jones Wacko Cracker” Searching any of those words would reveal the associated photos.