Multiple Night Stacking & Updated Siril

Hi all - I’m new to astrophotography and Siril, and have struggled with a couple of things and was hoping to get some help! (I’m on a Mac btw)

Firstly, I see people speaking about Siril 0.9.12, but when I look at my Siril version under ‘info’ of the application, it just says version 0.9, but I have no updates to do according to the update finder built in? I also tried to install the python files that allow you to open Sirilic for Mac, but haven’t been able to get that working.

Secondly (and more importantly), I’ve just tried to stack data from multiple nights. I’ve preprocessed the two sets of data, and have put all the preprocessed lights (.fit files) in a folder together. I was hoping to open them as a sequence to register and stack them, but it won’t let me do it. Apparently you can only open them when there is a .seq file which relates to them. The issue is that I have a .seq file from each set of data, and running that file will only open up a single set of data, despite me having put all the .fit files in the same folder. I really need to be able to stack multiple nights worth of data, as I wont be able to spend too long outside each time I do it! I’d really appreciate the help, as am feeling quite stuck at the moment!

Many thanks!

It is not the good way to try to stack the results of previous stacks.

You need to preprocess your sessions separately and, before alignment, you need to merge the images to stack them together.

Hi - thanks for the reply. Would you be able to tell me the workflow on Siril if how to do that? I’m new to it so am struggling to get these nights data together!

Siril is now 1404 commits ahead of 0.9.12 and is identified by 0.99.3 in my last build for windows.
Perhaps in the future, siril will be versionned with the GIT tags instead of harcoding the version in some makefile or other? this will avoid those glitches for nightly builds.

I don’t think so. This version is a bit special as we are working on 1.0.0. This is why we have so many work and we are taking time.

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