MultiProcessing profile same image

Hi All,
I can’t take a linear and logical procedure for processing more times the same images.
I explain:
When RT process an image it saves a PP3 where you set it into preferences ( next to the input file or in the cache)…therefore when I reopen the same image later RT loads that PP3 file.

Let’s put I want to make two or three different processing… I have to save two or three PP3 files with a name (which name?) and later I have to open that PP3 with a particular processing I did.

Well, I can’t decide how to manage that naming…

How do you behave about this thing? :thinking:

I haven’t used this, but there’s an option in the “Save Current Image” dialog that adds a numeric suffix to the export image name for each save. I think that would do what you’re seeking. - scroll to the bottom of the page.

Edit: implicit in the doc is that a corresponding .pp3 would also be written; that’s what I haven’t tested…

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Thanks Glenn,
it could be a solution…
Better would be if RT could make you can choose n profiles you did from that image… :thinking: it would be cool :smirk:

This goes to the heart of a concept I’ve enforced in how my hack raw processor is designed. For me, the “image” is the raw file, and anything I produce from it is a “rendition” of that image. And, in rawproc, each rendition has stored in it the processing chain that produced it. I’m currently using the EXIF ImageDescription tag for this, but a better solution would be XMP. At any rate, the renditions are effectively my .pp3 files, and I can drag a rendition to a rawproc icon and it’ll prompt to either open the rendition itself or open the raw file and apply the processing from the rendition metadata. I just take care to uniquely name my rendition files and it all works.

In your case, this would work the same except the processing is stored in the associated .pp3…

I understand that you know how to save a profile (with the button «Save current profile»).

If I had to manage different processing profiles for the same image, I would leave the name of the raw file as it is and add anything that clearly says what is it for.


  • the raw file is called «myrawfile.nef»
  • when you click Save current profile RT sets the name as «myrawfile.nef.pp3», but you don’t want such a generic name, so your 2 or 3 profiles would be named as:
    • «myrawfile.nef_my-first-processing.pp3»
    • «myrawfile.nef_my-second-processing.pp3»
    • «myrawfile.nef_my-third-processing.pp3»

That way all the processings will be shown next to the raw file in any file manager (outside RT), and you will know where to look exactly when loading one of those processings with RT (that is, in the same folder as the raw file).

Hope it helps

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I suggest whenever you have a version of interest, even if only work-in-progress, out a low resolution jpeg. Then you have something you can quickly look at without needing RT and RT will automatically create a PP3 with the same name as the jpeg. So you still have to think of a meaningful name!

Hi Xavier,Andrew
yes that is only what I can do with RT… but it’s very awkward… what I wish is :

  • I open the image with RT
  • RT lets me choose any PP3 profile I did before

With your method when I opened the raw image in RT (and RT opens it with the last processing) I have to find into the dir where I put the developed tiff or jpeg images that one with that one processing and open that one PP3 profile…

Would be very useful if in PP3 there would be all processing I did to that image and I could to choose from some…

Edit: Could it be possible add the ART snapshot option in PP3… that is what I search for… :blush:

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