My build recipe for ART on Ubuntu 20.04 and later (1.7 KB)

Detailed build instructions for building ART, including building important dependencies like exiv2, libraw, ocio, liblensfun, mimalloc… from source.

Markdown format.


Hi, Danny
Thank you for your instructions. I would like to translate your instructions into Japanese and distribute them to Japanese users. Can you allow me it?

Thanks! It’s on the wiki now:

Of course!

Thank you!

Hello, looks good!
Just one question. You say “ART really needs MIMALLOC”, can you explain why?

TIA, Paul.

Because it is a better memory allocator for ART than the other allocators, and Alberto will make it the default. For instance it solved Issue #276.

OK, thanks. I recently noticed some memory issues as well when working with NEF files (issue #276). I regulary had to quit ART and restart it to empty the memory on my pc and if that didn’t work enough, logout and login again. Hope this will be solved soon when mimalloc will be the default.

mimalloc is already the default, and always used in “official” builds. If you have a problem with those, please consider reporting it, thanks!

Hi, mimalloc was not on my system (I’m not a programmer). I installed it using the instructions given by @dheijl and memory management seems better at first sight when using ART.

@dheijl : I tried to install the latest LibRaw from github using your instructions, but when I enter the line

paul@graveyron:~/apps/LibRaw$ autoreconf –-install

it answers with:

autoreconf: '' or '' is required

Any ideas on this?

TIA, Paul.

Edit. I’m on Xubuntu 20.04.5.

I just tried it on a fresh clone of libraw, no problem.
Mint 21 (ubuntu 22.04).
I also regularly rebuild everything on Mint 20 (ubuntu 20.04).

Perhaps you also need to have autotools installed?

Edit: did you clone the github master, or did you download a snapshot?
The instructions are for a git clone.
Building the snapshot is different.

Found it! There’s a very little typo in your instructions, so hard to see.


Replacing the shorter hyphen on the right for a real hyphen, so - - install, did the job! :wink:

Good catch!
I pasted the text from LibreOffice into an online markdown editor, it preserved most of the formatting but messed up here and there. I switched to Vscode for correcting this but missed that one, sorry…

Ha, so we had some copy & paste fun! I c&p-ed your line indeed instead of typing it.

No need to say sorry, as my ART behaves better now thanks to your mimalloc advice.


Edit. @agriggio should change this on Bitbucket as well, it’s in the LibRaw section.

Will do, thanks!