My camera does not like sunflowers

Well, I’m doubtful that my camera actually does not like sunflowers, but I’m having hard time convincing camera to focus. Looking for tips and techniques so that I can avoid this. Both images were captured more than ten feet away, camera showed focus box around the flower, but still results are blurry.

Camera is Sony RX10-IV

It seems to be focussing behind your intended subject?? Any chance you leave something like face detect or some other special mode on?? Maybe this is impacting your outcome… you could try to review all the settings just to be sure…

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The Mark 4 RX-10 has several operational auto-focus modes. Which were you using?



I am reading the fine manual and trying to figure out what I changed. I do remember a problem of manual focusing - like focusing on a bird rather than grass blade in front. I read something about manual focus and did change somethings.

I’ll go through all the settings and check what I did.