My clone tool won't duplicate the Image on the layer in Gimp, can anyone tell me how to fix this .

I am new to this forum and not sure where I should go to ask question like this, If this is the wrong place to post please let me know where I should enter them.

Thank You

This is the right place! Welcome.

Can you please provide more detail?

when I click on the area I won’t to clone and place it in an area to clone, it will not generate the new image.

sorry about the spelling.

Are you sure you have the right layer selected?

I an also new to Gimp and I though of that but I’m not sure how to check what layer I’m on.
I just brought the image in and think I only have one layer open.

thank You for responding.

can you post a screenshot?

The gimp docs: 3.12. Clone

Quick check list:
In the Tool options: Suitable brush and brush size. Opacity 100. Brush dynamics off.
Bottom of the tool options is Alignment.
None (default) try that first, works like a stamp. . Aligned, moves the source relative to the destination. Fixed, source is fixed, use as a stamp.
Registered, clones from layer-to-layer or another image, otherwise nothing shows.

In use:
Are you holding the ctrl key down and does the little ‘disabled’ icon disappear? (now there is a thought, are you using a Mac and does the cmd key work ?)
Move to the source and click, let go the ctrl key. Move to the destination and paint.

40 second demo:

The other way is not to clone. Make a selection, copy the selection, paste the selection. Move to destination and anchor


Also make sure you have from image selected not pattern.
clone from image
The layer you are on is selected by a white outline - whereas any others are not.

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I want to give a big Thanks to those that took the time to respond to my question, it is greatly appreciated. I am just getting back to my project and will try your suggestions. I hope I will become accomplished enough in the future to be able to help others as you have helped me.

Thanks again

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Just thought of something else that trips many of us up and especially if you are new to gimp. Make sure you do not have any ‘selections’ (marching ants) outside of the area you want to clone. To make sure they are turned off go to 'selection in the top menu area and click on none.
Can also happen with other tools. If you need a selection only have it in the place you are working. The smallest selection in the wrong place on the wrong layer can make it look like many tools are not working.


Thanks Susan for your reply.
I checked and my selection is inside my work area. I have switched to Affinity Photo to finish my project and want to get back to gimp so I can try to figure out what I an doing wrong.

Agin thanks Bill

All I want to do is copy the pattern of a photo as a clone,
then, BRUSH it onto the photo like I used to do in Photoshop. I cannot figure out how to do this? The BRUSH contains the pattern, but when I use it, all I get is BLACK paint? Thanks all.

You’re using the pencil or brush tool when what you need is the clone or heal brush.

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I am using 2.10. On the Mac. I have used the Clone tool before and mostly it is working OK. However I can’t get it to clone an individual layer. I select a layer active and set the source with the command key, but it only paints with all visible layers, including the one I am painting on.

The only way I can restrict the clone to a layer is to duplicate the image and use the second image in a separate file as my source.

I am modifying grass and using the source image for my clone. I can’t use the overall results as this creates a mess with cloning over cloned sections.