My first color management experiment

I consider this not too bad to be an early experiment in color managing the entire chain :slight_smile:
All profiling was made using my Colormunki Photo.

  • The setup is lit by a GrafiLite.
  • The monitor shows the developed shot.
  • The small print (lower middle of image above) shows the same after printing.

Yes, I have noticed that the image on the monitor is far too warm. However, I believe that that is because the monitor is lit by my desktop lamps, not by the GrafiLite.


That looks awesome!

In fact, can you print my shots? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! That looks like a great result.

Shouldn’t a display be largely unaffected by other light sources given that it’s making its own light rather than being lit?

Impressive result! I’ve never reached that point so far…

This is excellent! Nice to see you went down the rabbit hole and managed to emerge.

Nice color matching! Does that monitor’s bezel actually have a ruler in it? Cool, never seen that before.

That looks great! Where and how can I order some prints?

Hi all,

Thank you for your positive comments :slight_smile: I am quite pleased myself, since the result became better than I hoped for. [After all, a colour printer of considerably higher standard would have cost me about 20 times as much…]

@elGordo Yes, it has a ruler bezel on all four sides. The monitor is a semi-old Asus PA 246Q with 98% Adobe RGB coverage and a P-IPS panel.

@martin_malepo Why on earth would you like to order a print of a yellow camera battery cardboard box, a blue and a red USB-stick and a green watchcase opener?

@paperdigits I agree – but I do not call it a rabbit hole, I call it an abyss…

@DavidOliver Perhaps – but if you consider that the monitor emits about 25 Lux and the warm desktop lamp (being a foot away) emits 2485 Lux, there is in my mind no doubt about who is winning the race.

Now time to play with the small sample pack of “fine art” papers I got…

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what else can I say but thanks, that comment made my day!