My first efforts with filmic


(Colin Paul Adams) #1

At the weekend darktable 2.6 landed in Fedora 29, featuring @aurelienpierre’s filmic module. I was keen to try reworking some of my favourite pictures from recent times using it. Here are the ones that made it to my desktop wallpapers (displayed using the Gnome wallpaper changer extension). All (I think) use the “preserve chrominance” option.
Warning, alll photos are male nudes.

(Martin Scharnke) #2

Is that clickbait? :wink:

Fantastic pics, btw!

(Colin Paul Adams) #3

No. Just a :stuck_out_tongue: reaction to another thread.

(Alberto) #4


thanks for sharing! do you also have the old renderings of the pre-filmic dark ages? it would be interesting to see them to evaluate the improvements I think.

(Mica) #5

Lovely work!

That quip seems unnecessary.

(Colin Paul Adams) #6

Here’s the one with the greatest change:

(Colin Paul Adams) #7


(Alberto) #8

Thanks! Quite different indeed. Is the new rendering what you had in mind from the beginning (and you simply couldn’t achieve with the previous workflow), or has filmic been also a sort of “inspiration” to give the picture a different flavour that you didn’t think about originally?

(Colin Paul Adams) #9

It was a quite unexpected result, which just arose from trying filmic out.

(Alex Mozheiko) #10

This is some good processing, right there! :wink:


Ciao, Alberto,

In my case, filmic gives me a different flavour that I didn’t think about originally.

Claes a Lund, Svezia