My first panorama

Hi all,

Thanks to @betazoid for co-ordinating the video meeting today! I mentioned that I’d upload some panoramas that I’ve done; this is the first I ever did (way back in February of 2011.) I originally began shooting it on January 3, but kept having to go back to re-shoot it because I messed up something or other.

it’s a single-row pano taken on an APS-C body with a 50mm prime lens. There are 34 stacks of 6 images each; exposure times from 1/8s to 2 minutes.

Post processing was done in QTPFSGui (now known as LuminanceHDR), Hugin, and GIMP. Image stacks were converted to EXR, stitched with Hugin, and then tonemapped. I used GIMP for some final touch-ups.

This image is about 18% the size of the original - (I tried uploading larger sizes but was unsuccessful.)


That’s beautiful Karl. The detail in the original must be outstanding. I recognize the Legislative Building and the High Level Bridge.

Thanks - yes, the original has a ton detail, but you get a good idea of it in this smaller one.

There is also the old Walterdale bridge and Epcor buildings visible, which don’t exist anymore. The Epcor building was demolished just after I took this - in fact one of my aborted attempts I could see construction workers removing the exterior lighting. The new Walterdale bridge is much prettier though - every time I’ve been down to shoot it there has been many others doing the same.

When did you shoot it?

My first (failed) attempt was early January 2011. This was February 2, 2011 (the digital sign in front of the Kinsmen Sports Centre on the left side shows the date. :slight_smile: )

Very impressive! Especially for a first panorama.

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This is the multi-row panorama I mentioned. It’s not perfect. I only had a 35-mm-equivalent lens and no tripod.


Great start, glad you’re enjoying this format. Good to talk with you yesterday during the meeting.

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Nice job. Glad you attempted it. Thanks again for hosting the meeting yesterday.

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