My first upload here, night sky (Orion) and fishing trawler heading out to sea

This is my first upload here. The night sky is a stack of 15 10 second exposures (ISO 800, f/4) with a 105mm aperture using a Canon R6 Mark 2. The boat was the best of several individual shots.


Hi @Ray_Mandeville welcome! The sky looks very nice. What software did you use to process it?

Thanks, I used Affinity Photo 2 with the “New Astrophotography Stack” file option.

We focus on free and open source software in this forum. While I’m sure affinity is great and I’m glad it works for you, in the context of this forum, it doesn’t make sense.

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Well, pardon me. If I can figure out how to delete my post I will. Also how do I delete my account as this forum doesn’t make sense to me

Hi, @Ray_Mandeville, and welcome to the forum.

It’s not my place to speak for @paperdigits of course, but I’m confident he won’t mind me saying that he certainly didn’t mean to discourage you in any way. :slightly_smiling_face:

In an effort to expand on the ‘philosophy’ of the forum, we try our best to stick with images that are processed using FOSS on here as the PIXLS.US website was specifically set up with the goal of promoting FOSS photography tools — and I can see from your bio that you already make use of some really cool FOSS tools yourself, such as GIMP and Siril. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you ever tried using any FOSS processors, such as RawTherapee, Art, or Darktable? If not, why not give them a try?

Most of all, do stick around if you can — everyone on here (from my own experience, at least) is as good as gold, and we’d love see more of your work.

What sort of equipment do you use for your Astrophotography? I’m what you might call a ‘street photographer,’ myself, so it’s an entirely different genre to mine — that’s why I’m always so eager to learn more; the images you astrophotographers (is that the correct term?) manage to capture are absolutely amazing! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are fortunate to have nights skies that clear!

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