My Flickr collection of great photos of Japan

Hello everyone, I’m not sure this fits into the “Showcase” category since these are not my photos, so I’ll post it here. It is also not free software only collection, but I decided to share it here anyway. This is a gallery of 500 photos (and there’s some more in the gallery 2 - link inside) of Japan I think are great and wanted to share. Hope this makes your day just a little bit better and inspires you to shoot better photos. All of them should be downloadable, however remember to check the license if you want to use them somewhere

If you want to post this collection somewhere else (for example, reddit if you have enough karma to post in relevant subreddits) please do so


Do you have any of your own work you would like to share? A random collection of others’ work is… An interesting choice.

No, I don’t shoot any photos now however I thought it would be great if I could share other people’s ones to inspire someone