My Gimp software can't work because it's locked

I have that problem that prevents me to work on pictures, along with this series of signs.
What are they?
How can I get rid of them?

What exactly are we looking at? Can you provide more detail?

Maybe uninstall and reinstall. I have never seen this before. Only use gimp download site GIMP - Downloads

I think that’s the cursor you get when you have the rectangle select tool activated, but in subtract mode with no pre-existing selection.
And on windows you can’t get it in a screenshot, as the cursor disappears!

It shouldn’t ‘lock’ the whole software though. Any other tool should work, as will that one if you select ‘new’ instead of subtract.

I might be on completely the wrong track…

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It will be as the last post, the tool mode. You can reset tool defaults at the bottom of the tool options.

By default Gimp remembers the last settings used and for a beginner that might be buried somewhere never to be found. For Windows users, no use reinstalling Gimp, the settings are held in your Gimp User profile, which remains between installations.

You can change this default, to fix most options: see: Managing tool options and window positions

That’s what I did and it solved my problem.

Thank you all for your assistance!

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Glad to have helped!