My Hi-Fi (and she sounds wonderful, too)

My Hi-Fi

My personal hi-fi speaker setup; she sounds so wonderful, too. :wink:

Again, I give up ever trying to outdo an AI. Wow. :slight_smile:

ddg: My Hi-Fy setup. | Deep Dream Generator

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I do want to try these… subwoofers.

How will you “try” them?

Part of me admires the steampunk-style output, part of me is concerned that it perpetuates objectification of women.

Bass is great, Ofnuts. lol

Yeah; don’t need to perpetuate objectification of women, Martin, but classical, the women form has always been a work of art so I take it as such. :slight_smile:

Listening to them of course… with my ears resting on them.

don’t need to perpetuate objectification of women

Then asks AI: “Make me a woman with objects”

Maybe so, Ofnuts. lol