My new edit... (Trying to learn gimp)

This is my try to learn gimp, I am learning from a gimp professional who lives near me, and this is my intermediate edit.

Hope you like it, I think I have overdone the orange and blue haze. But anyways, this was a test, and the instructor graded me 8 out of 10. He said my color sense needs to be improved.


I think you’ve done pretty well. I’d agree with your teacher about the colors, the color of the motorcycle in parituclar is not harmonious with the light streaks. But your selections on the bike and you are very nice, there is no haloing.

I’d also pay attention to the direction on the light in the various parts you pull together. For instance the light on you and on the bike don’t match.

At any rate, seems you’re learning a lot and this is much better from what you shared last. Great job!

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Thanks, I was pretty much trying to copy the style of benny productions edit (Editing Your Photos) which we could also say a photoshop done on gimp, but that was an interesting try.

And this was the original image (incase someone wants to know) :-

This was the image I took on my instructor’s old bike of no use at his old home (while traveling), and made myself fit with a stock image in just 1 hour.

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Sir can I get the background??

Think this can help, I actually contacted the the photographer for asking if I can use this as a background at that time. He told me it was copyright free. So I did a waste of time, you can download here:-

I think I would purchase the rights of this photo from him in some months. Till then you are free to use.

thankyou so much sir for the background