My sharpening workflow for base ISO mages with the new features in RT (aka extreme pixel peeping)


(niko) #81

Then, I see RCD have strange dots at high frequencies and worse rendition of horizontal and vertical lines this can be seen easy at edges of the frame

(niko) #82

At last, i see better rendition of RCD to correct chromatic aberrations and low noise on plain contrasts zones

I have no idea of programming but i would be pleased if the RCD maker could fix at least the first problem on RT or combine Amaze for high frequency zones, RCD for mid frequency and diagonal pixels and VNG4 for plain zones. Like Amaze-RCD-VNG4


To my understanding, RCD deals with only specific issues and is not “feature mature” as say for example AMaZE. See: or ping @LuisSanz (if he is still around).