My static photo gallery on GitHub

Yesterday evening I had some fun sitting up a static photo gallery on GitHub, using Jekyll and this very nice template.

Here is the link to my initial gallery (just few images for the moment, more to come soon!):

All images use external links to google photos, but I believe that other storage solutions could be used as well (including storing the files directly on github).

From my initial tests, this looks like a very easy way to set up a web photo gallery, and the result is in my opinion really nice and professionally-looking.

What do you think?


Man, that is fancy. Like real fancy. Not all your photos loaded for me.

I’ve been looking for a simple, bandwidth efficient, not is heavy gallery as well, but I haven’t found one.

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Maybe you will find this github-based solution convenient for you as well… feel free to fork it and give it a try!

Some images are not visible most likely because they are stored on Google photos… any suggestion for a good and free image storage? I’ve read some good things about 500px, for example.


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If you’re storing your pages on github, I’d throw the images in there as well.

I don’t really post my images to any sites besides sharing here. I generally email them to people or post them to my personal website.

I use 500px and it’s good, with a nice community.
But I find your solution simply amazing.

For GDrive try some extentions that give direct link, such as Direct link creator
Check “Disable force downlaod” and “Just generate the direct link” and it shoukld work

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In fact I would not call it “my solution”, as I simply forked and used an existing template with only very minor modification… but I agree that the template is awesome!

For the file storage I will most likely follow @paperdigits suggestion and put everything on github, since I do not have 1000 images.

I’m looking for (or making myself) something similar to that, but I want the photo view to be fullscreen, the way your landing page has it, not in a lightbox. Can that template do that?

The first thing I want to try is to remove the image title and copyright from the photo view (but keep them for the thumbnail view), and move the little cross somewhere else in order to gain space… I’ll let you know when it’s done.

I don’t understand what’s erong with mine :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I assume your stylesheets are linked incorrectly. Github pages does it sort of funkey.

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To be honest, I do not remember if I had to manually fiddle with site urls at the beginning, but I first suggest you to look for text like photorama, photorgasms and sunbliss, which are used by the original author…

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And it’s working.
if I had read correctly I would have saved me some headache :grin:


By the way, here is where I found the photorama theme:
It can be found at page #2.

This looks very nice, and quite elegant! Some of your photos didn’t load for me either. Do those templates have any Flash components? Flash is no longer working on Firefox in Linux. Could be something else though.

FWIW, I have been using github sites and similar Jekyll-powered static site generators for my own website, including my photo gallery. It’s a very flexible approach to creating and hosting a website, blog, or gallery. I quite like it! :smile:

Super excited about this!

Got to work on it, but somehow managed to delete the /gallery/albums folder. Any tips how to get this back, or create a new folder? I worked out how to create a new file, but creating a new github folder seems way less obvious.

@Carmelo_DrRaw @paperdigits @patdavid

The photo gallery is under revision control, so you should be able to revert it to the state before you deleted the gallery/albums folder:

It’s like creating files, but you append “/” at the end of the file name… github will automatically interpret this as a folder name. More on this here:

Thank you, much appreciated!

So here’s my offering…