My take on RawTherapee

I see on your bitbucket repo’s Readme that ART stands for A(nother) RawTherape. I thought it’d stand for Alberto’s RawTherapee!

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That would be overly presumptuous. RT is the effort of a lot of people, and ART is definitely standing on the shoulders of giants…

Ok, I tried building a windows package. I have no idea whether it works as intended though. If someone is willing to try it out, here it is:
As usual, please note it comes with no warranty whatsoever – don’t blame me if your computer catches fire.
(Still, even if this works, I am not going to do this regularly)


@agriggio I can tailor the automatic compilation script for ART if you like.


Alberto, it was more of pun.
Besides, I would not call that presumptuous. More like “Alberto’s version of…” or “Alberto’s take on…”
Yes ART is standing on the shoulders of giants, but you are among those giants.


Yes, I got that… sorry, I should have put a smiley in my reply :slight_smile:

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Also, calling it “ART” is presumptuous in itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How can I link against tcmalloc?

Forget that, I just needed to read the link webpage before.

To easily compile ART in Linux:

  1. Download the build-art script:
  2. Make it executable:
    chmod +x build-art
  3. Run it:



@Morgan_Hardwood @agriggio
Works just fine. Thank you.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I’ve started playing with it already. Nice stuff!
I’ll post an image later today.

Do we build art or do we make or create art? :smiley_cat:

@agriggio You know how I have been requesting for your pp3s for some time? Well, ART is the proverbial answer to all of my hopes and dreams. :roll_eyes::rofl:

I’m an ART-ninja.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that flatpak should be an easy build target as well. I’ll see if I can get a json manifest together.

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Works really well so far. Thank you @Morgan_Hardwood @agriggio

Just did a quick test of your windows package. I didn’t use all sliders but it loaded a NEF and I was able to do some regulation. So it worked fine on my win10 64bit.

We have more than a few ninjas in this forum! Some of them even have shields!

@MartinP Welcome to the forum!

I have to stick to LR to show what I mean.

Color mask
Using the brush

Range mask > Color choose the picker
Choose blue color. here is the mask


Adjusting White balance and saturation

Luminance mask
LR use slider instead of curve

Adjusting exposure

Is this possible ?

something like this?

Edit: it seems the video doesn’t play… here’s the url

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Save Video As… in Firefox’s context menu also works.

Holy shit , I can’t believe it …:grinning:

The same with Luminosity ?