My third party GEGL filter plugins for Gimp

Hello everyone at PIXLS.US, My name is Beaver and I develop third party GEGL filters for Gimp. GEGL is the engine that powers most of Gimp’s modern filters that have live previews. I made a plethora of text styling filters for Gimp via stitching parts of existing filters together via GEGL syntax and GEGL nodes. Gimp users will never have to worry about the text styling alpha to logo stuff again. As now text styling is done with Gimp’s modern engine “GEGL” as opposed to python and script fu.

My two greatest filters are GEGL Effects and Custom Bevel. These two filters have thousands of options for layer effects and bevel generation. So if I have to recommend anything it would be those two filters. Take note, GEGL Effects comes with two bonus filters (inner glow and bevel). So technically I am recommending four filters In total. I have twenty something more filters but they are more situational. You can check out all of my filters on Github and GimpChat if you want but if you are a busy person who wants the highest quality just go for GEGL Effects and Custom Bevel.

Filters I recommend for everyone who has a text styling workflow in Gimp

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Thank you for taking the time to check out my GEGL Filters.

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