My third party GEGL filter plugins for Gimp

Hello everyone at PIXLS.US, My name is Beaver and I develop third party GEGL filters for Gimp. GEGL is the engine that powers most of Gimp’s modern filters that have live previews. I made a plethora of text styling filters for Gimp via stitching parts of existing filters together via GEGL syntax and GEGL nodes. Gimp users will never have to worry about the text styling alpha to logo stuff again. As now text styling is done with Gimp’s modern engine “GEGL” as opposed to python and script fu.

My two greatest filters are GEGL Effects and Custom Bevel. These two filters have thousands of options for layer effects and bevel generation. So if I have to recommend anything it would be those two filters. Take note, GEGL Effects comes with two bonus filters (inner glow and bevel). So technically I am recommending four filters In total. I have twenty something more filters but they are more situational. You can check out all of my filters on Github and GimpChat if you want but if you are a busy person who wants the highest quality just go for GEGL Effects and Custom Bevel.

Filters I recommend for everyone who has a text styling workflow in Gimp

My Reddit

Thank you for taking the time to check out my GEGL Filters.


Thanks for this great work.

I found two problems:

  • using the pecompiled binaries
    GEGL-Message: 23:43:51.475: Module ‘~/.local/share/gegl-0.4/plug-ins/’ load error: ~/.local/share/gegl-0.4/plug-ins/ invalid ELF header

  • on Arch Linux:

meson setup --buildtype=release build ERROR: Dependency “gegl-0.4” not found, tried pkgconfig and cmake

gegl is installed.

Yeah… you’re here with your “real” pseudo :+1:

For those who had a hard time compiling the @LinuxBeaver 's GEGL filters, he, now put directly the binaries on its github, explanations to download them here > (it’s direct to the post) GEGL Polygons - Simple Polygon wallpaper generator • GIMP Chat

well, on Arch Linux some of the binaries cause the “invalid ELF header” error…

I really don’t know what is going on? It stresses me out that software on Linux needs to be constantly maintained or it breaks.

Just run this in every folder that you need to.

meson setup --buildtype=release build && ninja -C build

you may need to edit to use gegl-0.3 instead, if your system is older. Or you may need to install a gegl-devel or gegl-dev package.


I just made a new GEGL Plugin that does sparkle effects. Check it out guys.

Also while I am at it. I’d like to show off a famous text styling plugin of mine. Glossy Balloon

Enjoy. I hope these plugins can help people save money from Adobe and stuff

Your goal should not be doing plugins for this reason, but rather that you like doing plugins. People that needs Adobe/Affinity will stick with them because they do need NDE though GIMP will get that some day.

Its actually both. It is because users own free and open source software and it is decentralized. Unlike Adobe which is centralized cloud only software that will go away in a month without payment. Gimp is forever. I love Gimp

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GEGL Effects just got a big update called continual edition.

Its like a rolling release but only has stable builds.

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