My "Tiny Planets" from panoramas

Here are some of my most recent “Tiny Planets”.

I created these using my Pentax K100D, with Sigma 10-20mm lens @ 10mm, on a Nodal Ninja 3 Tripod head. Generally I try to shoot using bracketed images (resulting in 99 photos for each planet!) Luckily Hugin makes short work of stitching the photos into a panorama…

Planet Culross:
Planet-Culross by BrianInnesPhotography, on Flickr

Planet Aberdour Community Garden:

CommunityGardenAWeePlanet by BrianInnesPhotography, on Flickr

Planet Culross Abbey:
CulrossAbbeyExternalWeePlanet750x750 by BrianInnesPhotography, on Flickr

Here is my first ever Tiny Planet. I must revisit this one, since I’ve now improved my shooting and stitching technique. Plus all the scaffolding is now away from the Forth Rail bridge.

Planet North Queensferry:

NQWeePlanet by BrianInnesPhotography, on Flickr


I like the Culross Abbey Planet most.

Btw. we have an other tread about Tiny/Little Planets here:


@Tobias, looks like a lot of nice little planets in that thread!

I have a few waiting to be processed, but I’ll be sure to put them into that little planets thread, if it is ok to ressurect a thread from 2015…

Pretty darn cool micro-worlds (what I call them). Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

if it is ok to ressurect a thread from 2015…

Absolute, please reuse it.

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You can do people as well. The problem it solved is the original photo is of me and my brothers sitting around a rather messy table of food, that is now compressed into the very small centre of the photo. The cartoonish results does us no harm either.


This one is not perfect, but I like it:


My first planetoid. I used manual exposure and in-camera exposure stacking, but I forgot to use manual colour balance, so the nadir image is not as green as the others. Done with Hugin.


Nice “Tiny Planet”.
Sadly I havent done any of these in a long long time. My new camera (Canon 750D, with Canon 10-18mm kit lens) is too big for my current Nodal Ninja 3 Panoramic tripod head. And I can’t justify the cost of a newer & bigger Nodal Ninja model :frowning:

this one’s one of my faves; it feels like some weird green tennis ball :heart:

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