N-Point Deformation Tool - Set layer size to image size...

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Hi guys. :grinning:
Please note
I discovered before one could use this tool effectively, the size of the layer it is used on
should be set to image size.
See Layer => Layer to Image Size

(Mica) #2

Hi @Ben, welcome! Can you explain a bit more?

(Ben) #3

(Ben) #4

It is a bit slow on big canvas sizes though, but very powerful! :smiley:


Nice application of the tool. I haven’t tried it yet but examples I have been seeing are promising. Too bad it isn’t in the standard GIMP yet and my laptop isn’t powerful enough (probably).


Where can you find this tool?

(Mica) #7

You need to enable it in the GIMP preferences under “playground”



Which is standard? …Too bad it isn’t in the standard GIMP yet ?… I think you are a Windows user.

For Gimp 2.10 (Windows or linux) to enable the Playground options start Gimp with the switch --show-playground like the screenshot and go into Edit -> Preferences.

Enable and restart Gimp and they are now in the toolbox

Still experimental, somewhat flakey, especially on large images.


What I meant was that I don’t have a use case for it yet, so I will wait until the tool is finished.


Thanks rich2005. Yes it works, but it still needs more refinement.


(Ben) #11

Hi rich2005. Do you think this tool will be available soon as default?


It was part of a sponsored summer-of-code project. see: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-developer-list/2015-February/msg00043.html

I do not think there is any active development now, but you would really need to ask a developer.

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Thank you.