Name not showing with avatar

I was wondering why my name dosen’t appear along with my username and avatar as it seems to do so for others? Not that it’s even remotely important; I was just wondering is all.

Semi-educated guess: you have not filled in your Name???

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

That’s not it. My name has been filled in since the day I registered. I just double-checked to be sure, and it’s still filled in.

Actually, I’m starting to think the issue is down to the tablet I’m using. It could just be the way this thing displays stuff. I’ll check if it shows on my PC when I get home.

UPDATE: Noop - just checked on me work PC. Odd. Never mind; it’s not important.

But it seems to work up here?
Perhaps you forgot to save your changes?

You can see it if you click on my avatar, but if you look at my avatar next to this post, for example, it doesn’t show; for some members, though, it does.

You’re likely using the mobile or tablet view, which condenses things.

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Or not…

Perhaps when your name and handle are the same it suppresses the former? Maybe try changing your name to something else, just to see what happens.

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Tried and… noop. Strange, or what? :thinking:

I see or not your name in firefox depending on whether I activate the web page translator or not.


See if that’s what it is

That’s my ‘username,’ though; not my ‘name.’

Solved (I think). It will display ‘Mart,’ but not ‘Mart Betz.’ Maybe a limited character thing? That’s odd, though, as it asks for your FULL name — you’d have to have a very short full name for it to show, it seems!

Firefox 112 in Debian stable:
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 23-56-10

Yeah, I found a workaround — I used an ASCII font. :+1:

What is an ASCII font?

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