Natron 2.4.1 released

The Natron developers are proud to announce the release of Natron 2.4.1.

Known issues

  • Rendering sometimes silently stalls after X frames.
  • Some image formats may have issues (PCX, PSB).
  • MTS video files are sometimes not read correctly.


  • Default number of render threads is more reasonable on multi-core systems: min(num_cores, RAM/3.5Gb).
  • Fix checkerboard drawing on macOS Catalina and later.
  • Fix undoing “Reset to default” on parameters.
  • Fix NodeGraph manipulation and navigation issues.
  • Fix Retina/High-DPI display issues on macOS, Windows and Linux/X11.
  • Fix multi-dimensional parameter linking (bug introduced in 2.4.0).
  • Fix bug where any argument containing an integer between commas would be interpreted as a frame range.
  • Python: app.saveProject and app.saveProjectAs now do project variable substitution, as in app.saveProjectAs("[Variable]/output.ntp").
  • Fix ASCII curve import.
  • New color selection dialog for RGB and RGBA knobs.
  • Fix histogram smoothing (was 5 times too strong).
  • Add Python functions guiApp.copySelectedNodes and guiApp.pasteNodes.


  • Transform, CornerPin, Position and Ramp nodes now display the motion path.
  • HueCorrect now has the ability to do hue vs. hue adjustments, with an option to change the background curve guide.
  • Merge: Fix behavior on most operators when A is not connected or A’s RoD and B’s RoD are disjoint.
  • Reformat: fix bugs when “turn” is checked with Resize Type = None or Type = Scale.
  • Write: Remove file first when overwriting.
  • Mirror: Fix crash.
  • SeNoise: Add option for colored noise.

Full Changelog:



Thank you William Young for your video describing changes in 2.4.1! I’m not on FB but I was able to see it, and I’m glad you liked that release!

Next to come is a transition to Python 3, so almost every change will be “under the hood”, sorry.


William also posts the videos on YouTube (with a bit delay).


Just compiled your GIT_BRANCH=ColorSelectorPalette Version on Linux (popOS! 20.04).

The palette will stay black:

No big deal, had some spare time to compile test…

You add colors to the palette with the “Add” button (or Shift+A). You clear a color with right-click (or all with the “Clear” button (or Shift+C)).

Please use or make a new thread on the forum, since this thread is related to the release of 2.4.1.

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Just wanted to drop a quick word of thanks to @rodlie for the Win7 patch. Very kind of you to remember us :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

Sadly this will at some point stop, as more and more software (that Natron depends on) are dropping Windows 7 support (for better API’s available in Windows 8+).

I should be able to provide Windows 7 fixes for Natron 2.5.x, but no guarantees.

And that is 2.4.3.

With both OIIO and OCIO now requiring Windows 8+ I will not provide Windows 7 fixes for Natron anymore.

a kind of an off topic question. What happened to the Natron Twitter account? I still hear from several artists that Natron is not developed anymore which is not true

The Twitter account is not maintained, unsure if anyone has access to it anymore.

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