Natron 2.4.3 crash on startup

Natron crashes whenever I start it. Just a pure white screen followed by a crash. Command-line also crashes (-t).
Crash dump (this is the exact same crash dump every time I start natron) and system information.
Natron also used to work but after recently wanting to do something with it, I found out it stopped working.
Edit: Project file or not, it still crashes.

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A bit hard to tell, might be a gfx card issue.

just reinstalled my gfx card drivers and reinstalled natron and it still brokey :frowning:
kdenlive and other programs still work though, for some reason.

video showing what happens with no argument and with --clear-cache: natron errr - YouTube

Thanks for the video.

I sadly don’t have any solution, as I don’t know what fails (still suspect this to be a gfx card driver related issue).

I only test Intel and nVIDIA on Windows.