Natron 2.5d photo animation displacement (idistort)

Hi everyone, hope everybody is doing ok. Its been a little while since I visited here. I had a family member pass away and I was rushing to give a nice presentation at the wake. I didn’t have enough time to show the video and pictures the special way that I wanted to. The wake was restricted to only ten immediate family members due to the corona pandemic concerns. We wanted to post up the memorial on you tube for everyone who wanted to attend but couldn’t give a last good bye. I like to take the photos and give them a paralax 2.5d using a displacement map in After Effects( only because I can work faster in AE). I would like to know if anyone can help me figure out how to do this in Natron. I was able to nearly achieve something but still not quite what I wanted in trying to experiment. Its an easy effect, but I’m still very intimidated by Natron. Thanks !

Well I did come across one way of achieving this effect. But not sure if its a correct way in using the software or nodes. My other problem to this equation is how to not effect a second image in the same project with the same effect. The second image is the background that needs to be paralaxed. Natron is just not intuitive, there isn’t enough tutorials- it feels like i may just be just be stuck with After Effects yet still.

You can do it manually in 2D with the transform node and layers by making some photos (the ones in front) move faster than the ones that are “further away from the camera” but Natron doesn’t have a 3D workspace like After Effects or Nuke. You’d likely be better off in After Effects for this task. You probably don’t want to be using iDistort for this though, it’s not really related.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! It really helps to know this from someone who knows!! I have been breaking my head over trying to figure this out. So pretty much we’re gonna have to wait for a 3d workspace update if it ever comes around for Natron. Also, I guess whatever means one can come close to achieve this effect is a new experiment based on your reply. Today, “Natron Nation” on facebook had a live streaming tutorial on moving the cheeks on a face(portrait). It was interesting, but not quite exactly what I was looking for. Just in case you may be interested in watching, it looks like it was pretty good. Just thought I would share that with you in appreciation for the reply!!!

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