Natron 3 version and development


I heard of a few posts that somewhere out there there is the code uploaded for the newest version of Natron 3, from when Inria stop funding.
this naturally begs the question if has someone tried to compile and run it and what is the development status, beyond what Frédéric Devernay said and explain. Has anyone picked up the development stage any further?

Just asking

It does compile, it does run, and I try to apply the bug fixes on 2.3 to the 3.0 branch.
You should expect lots of bugs. I’m probably the only one who used it in a real project, and it had many bugs left in the new caching and rendering system.

Where is such code?

It’s in the master branch on GitHub. All the “current” versions are developed in the rb-2.3 branch.

Unstable (v3):