Natron and Windows7

I am new here and to Natron so at first I want to greed anyone.
There are two issues I am dealing with:

  1. I can´t read almost any file into Natron, but I can open other file types, screen 1. When trying to open other file types Natron gives a notice - screen 2.
  2. I have the same trouble when trying to write file in Natron, screen 3. I can´t write any file type in this case.
    Is there possible to do anything with that ?! I tryed to search for a solution but found nothing if there were solutions than perhaps they were to technical for me even to understand. 1 2 !3

Welcome to Natron!
Windows 7 is not supported, but @rodlie did a fix for Natron 2.3.15 which you can find here: To bug or not to bug ^^ - #17 by rodlie
I don’t know if that fix still works for 2.4.0.

You probably know that Windows 7 is not supported anymore by Microsoft since Jan 24, 2020. If you have a way to upgrade to Windows 10, it is highly recommended. It seems like you can still have it for free:

It will probably not work as the SDK changed, it’s also an old version. I can probably make a new DLL for 2.4 if wanted.

Any legal Windows 7/8 license can be upgraded to Windows 10 (on the same hardware if OEM) for free.

Please try this: (3.2 MB)

I don’t have access to Windows 7, but it should work.

  • Copy libOpenImageIO.dll to the bin folder where you installed Natron (C:\Program Files\Natron\bin for example)

  • Start Natron and clear the plug-in cache (Cache=>Clear Plug-Ins Load Cache in the menu)

  • Re-start Natron

You should now be able to read and write media files.

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Happy to confirm it works. Thanks a lot :smile_cat: keep up the good work :+1:

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Hi there. so i updated to windows 10 and i still can’t seem to read or write .jpg files. Thanks ahead of time if you get back to me!

Clear the plugin cache(?).