Natron can't read WebM files

I’m using
Natron version 2.4.3 Release.

If i try to read any webm file i’m greeted by the same eroor message:
Read1 error: FFmpeg Reader Failed to decode packet: Invalid data found when processing input

the webm file are working just fine in any other Programm. I can also export as webm without problem but can’t read them.

On what platform? (Win/Mac/Lin)

I’m able to read webm files on Windows using Natron 2.4.3.

I tried it on Widows 10 and then on Ubuntu 22.04.

It’s possible to read them(on only some frames), but i cannot use them when im rendering


this is the file, but it can’t read all other webm files

Thanks for the additional info.

Can replicate the issue with the video you posted. It seems ffmpeg/Natron has issues with vp9, as the webm videos I have is vp8 and seems to work fine in Natron.

I highly recommend using image sequences as input, they are more stable and will in general give better performance. ProRes (in MOV) is the only video format I can recommend in Natron.