Natron Clone Panel Disabled?

(Learn Better) #1

Hi Natron people,

I tried to remove an unwanted object using clone tool in Natron. I used an exact Nuke method in Natron but I failed. Clone panel is disabled. I wanted to change clone transform value to move the object up just like in Nuke. Is there any other way to do this? Here is the video of my problem:

Thank you.

(Mikhail) #2

Hy? may be you should use RotoPaint instead Roto as inside Nuke there is a same logic that roto a simple node and RotoPaint is a full functional node

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Actually, I don’t know how to use RotoPaint tools. I saw a Nuke tutorial like this and wanted to apply Natron. Does RotoPaint work in this situation? How?

Btw, what could be the problem for the Roto method above? It works in Nuke but not Natron. Is it a bug?

Thank you for ypur interest Mikhail :slight_smile:

(Mikhail) #4

can you share this footage? It is a very good footage simple and clear to use this technique.

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It’s very simple but works great. I thought I could do it with Natron but I failed. Here is the footage.

(Mikhail) #6

I think tab clone used for setup clone tool in RotoPaint Tool

(Learn Better) #7

How did you link the clone paints to the tracker?

(Mikhail) #8

i usually connect track to the group. It useful if you can use two or more curves and i think it must be working for clone to

(Learn Better) #9

How can I create group? How can I do it? Is there any shorcut for it? I’m confused :smiley:

(Mikhail) #10

I link the project, just rename txt to ntp
rotoPaint_clone.txt (438.7 KB)

(Learn Better) #11

Thank you Mikhail. I thought you linked paint clones to the tracker as in my first video. I think I’m going to solve this eventually :slight_smile: