Natron crashes at the end of the timeline

Hi ,
I 'm planning to learn compositing on Natron and take the free course " Mastering Nuke vol1 " at CGCircuit ( as I know these softwares are very similar ) . However I have a issue when I want to read an exr sequence ( the lens flare ) Natron crashes after the last image .
I’m on Windows 11 with all drivers up to date,cpu AMD 3950X, 64gb ddr4 3200 and Nvidia GTX1080 ti with latest Nvidia Studio driver. No errors were detected on Project errors log .
Definitly need help please !

It crashes during playback, at the last frame?

Yes, that is at the playback, only on this sequence, other exr sequences imported play fine

Is the sequence available somewhere? (so I can test)

here is the sequence if you want to test

uP . Can somebody test it please?

Hi use ctrl+shift+k to clear the cache properly first. Then try again. Sometimes cache conflicts from one project to another.