Natron: hue vs hue impossible?

I wanted to experiment color grading using a “hue vs hue” curve to change colors of certain hue with another hue, like explained in this video. I think that Natron is not really made for color grading (correct me if I’m wrong), but I can’t find a “hue vs hue” curve in KDEnlive (my favorite open-source non-linear editor; if you know how to do hue vs hue in KDEnlive, please let me know).

So I tried to experiment directly in Natron, but I can’t find the a “hue vs hue” curve. The HueCorrect node can change saturation (i.e. hue vs saturation), luminosity, separate RGB channels, but not directly the final hue (and manipulating the RGB channels to change only the hue without anything else is close to impossible). Am I missing something?


Are you looking for HSVTool?

Thanks for your answer. While HSVTool can indeed change the hue, it’s much less powerful than what I’m after: you can apply only a rotation on a specific interval, while a curve system following the principle of HueCorrect allows you to apply and correction you want.

For example, just exchanging to Hue with HSVTool seems very tedious: I guess you need at least two such nodes in parallel, and recombine with some masks… Moreover, HSVTool does not have all the facilities of HueCorrect: with HueCoorect, you can visualize the hues you are changing and pick on the picture the appropriate hue of a given area (just over the mouse on the image, you will see lines in your graph)… Just too bad HueCorrect does not have a “hue” output.