Natron Localization - Community help

(Jon Bragado) #1


OpenSource initiatives should be helped by the community to make it available in more than one language. Aside from what we all know, that english is used in the industry that a lot of software is available in english and all that jazz that we can leave for another discussion; im talking about getting the Natron code ready for users to chip in and help translate it to different languages.

Similar to Blender, where thanks to the community is available in so many languages.

What would be the first steps so this becomes possible? Has anyone attempted string extraction from the code?

Any ideas.

(Frédéric Devernay) #2

The code is somewhat ready, most translatable strings are marked with tr() and can be extracted using qt linguist.
There’s minimal doc in

Apart from that, I can’t help much.

(Jon Bragado) #3


So I dowanloaded the source code for Natron, intalled QT Designer, QTLinguist and a bunch of other stuff from the package, like hte command line tool.

In what context and where do i have to run the “lupdate -I. Engine -ts Engine/Engine.ts” command? Do i have to open the “C:\Users\PC\Downloads\Natron-master\Natron-master\App\App.qt” file with Qt Creator and run that command from the console there?

Do I simply go to the Natron_master folder in a terminal and then run the lupdate?

Is very unclear, and i try to read documentation but I am not a programmer so I dont understand a lot of things.

Any help on this direction be much appreciated.!

Are these the correct compiler settings for QT? There are so many versions that i dont know what to choose from all this

(Jon Bragado) #4

Cool, I managed to extract the lists to a .ts file and now I´m translating away. So excited to provide for the first time the 7 year work of a dictionary I´ve been compiling if vfx technical terms in english and spanish.

Anyone who wants to help is welcome to, lets give back in an altruistic way what the makers of this software have made for us. :smiley: