Natron nearly 10x slower than Nuke?

Hi all,

I just ran a simple benchmark test with 2k exrs, loading in a lut, then writing out a mov.
Nuke did this in under 5 seconds while Natron took 40 seconds (!).


Please someone tell me it’s user error and I am missing something :confused:
What can I do to figure out what is going on?



Nuke probably has a better reader/writer. We use ffmpeg (CPU, no acceleration) to generate video files. Image sequences will always be faster (excluding PNG).

Have not used Nuke in several years, so I don’t know how they compare anymore. In general Natron 2 is similar to Nuke 6/7.

I thought as much but was hoping there would be something that could be done to improve the speed at least to a reasonable level.
I had hope to use Natron for an integral part of our dailies and IO pipeline but that is currently prohibitive due to the slowness.

I assume nobody is currently looking into that part of the code to see if anything can be done to improve this?


Things get better when people who have a need contribute improvements!


I wish I could but I don’t have that skill set