Natron New Plugin for Lightning


Our New plugin Lightning Bolt for Natron is ready. I will upgrade it eventually with better algorithms eventually.



(Frédéric Devernay) #2



Thank you! :smile:

(lecointre leny) #4

Very amazing. Thx a lot


looks awesome!!


Natron Lightning Bolt Plugin got an update. You can now connect your tail position for a 2 point spark effect.

Update Demo:

(Tobias) #7

I would like to have this as a gmic filter.


I have been watching natron since its begun a long while ago, I still haven’t take the time to learn it yet lol, hopefully I will one day learn it and spread the word.
In my country adobe after effect have no competitors.


Possible if somebody provides the source, or the algorithm (I guess shortest path/brownian?) :slight_smile:

Edit: oh I see the source, python file? Hmm never done python, could be fun…

@cgvirus do I have this right: it’s python generated from composing pre-existing nodes?


Hi, I am not familiar with G’MIC coding. It’s not complicated though. Here is the plain text algo:
Two points for atan> Creating a line > Distorting UV with noise (FBM suits best)

The line can become complicated with Binary Tree or L System. I have not implemented it yet.


It’s written with GLSL. Python is used by Natron for front end.


Can you point me at the GLSL part? Maybe I can understand enough of it to follow…


It seems there is already a better code for G’MIC


Why does “Connect Tail” have straight line effect? Is that intentional? It looks unnatural.

(Tobias) #15

But the results of this plugin looks so much better.


Yes, It’s done as per emergency user request. I will update it with better algo when got time.