Natron Plug-in Manager (beta)

Hi all,

Natron has a lot of nice plug-ins, but installing them is complicated for a lot of users, not user friendly.

The plan several years ago was to provide an installer for the “official” community plug-ins, but it was not maintained (my fault).

So, a while ago I decided to make a plug-in manager for Natron, something simple with support for multiple repositories etc.

It’s currently in beta, and is usable for installation/removal of plug-ins.

WARNING: Will not detect plug-ins installed outside of the app, this will change before v1 final. Also note that some features/settings may break between beta releases.

The interface should be familiar for anyone that have used an “app store” before.

Screenshots (Windows)




Repo specs

Feedback/questions etc is welcome :slight_smile:


Hey, this is perfect timing. New Natron user, but old node compositor here. Just today I removed all the Community Plugins as it took forever to load Natron. And who wants or needs hundreds of plugins installed that you may/will never use.

So a couple of quick questions:

I installed 6 plugins to test it out. (DUCK Alpha Edge, Shaker, Vignette, WaveFrom, lp CleanScreen, and lp Roughen edges)

1: Upon rebooting Natron I found most of the plugins listed in the Left Icon tray under the Community Icon, but I can’t find a menu item for either lp CleanScreen or lp RoughenEdges. They are in the TAB Search menu, so you can use them, they just aren’t in the UI. User error or bug?

2: Where exactly on my machine are the newly installed plugins being stored. I’m on Windows 10 and I did not see them in the main Natron directory, and I found no other indication as to where on my machine they are getting installed. Just curious.

So far it works as advertised and with only 6 plugins loading and not 279, Natron actually boots up pretty fast on my Intel i9 9900K.

Thank you.

Some of the plugins are in the wrong category, this has to be fixed in the plugin. Several plugins will need to be updated for this app.

Plugins are installed in USER_HOME/.Natron/plugins

The cache for the app is stored in USER_HOME\AppData\Local\Natron\NatronPluginManager

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Thank You.

New build is available:

binary snapshots are available for all commits, see Action tab on GitHub (must be logged in to download).