Natron Project Market

(Ulvi YELEN) #1

Hi everyone. I am new in Natron and it is nice to be here.

I was an after effects guy years ago and haven’t been compositing at least six years. but when i saw Natron a week ago I was very impressed. and my compositing desire tingled like sylar in heroes tv show.(it was a good show with lots of vfx)


First: I want to ask do you think if there will be a natron market in which users will sell and buy natron projects? (like after effects). Or firstly to ask, is it ok to sell natron projects according to natron licence?
I dont know.

Second: I know some python coding but I couldn’t understand where to put my file or how to make the natron to read it. how can we do that? Because it would be amazing for a commercial project that you will create a panel in natron and tell the client “select your images folder” and voila there you have your “photo gallery video project” ready to render. as I say I was just thinking I dont know if its possible.

thanks. have a nice day.

(Mica) #2

Hi & welcome!

Natron doesn’t even have a full-time developer working on the main application. I’d think the first order of business would be to get the developer paid to work full time on the application. Then once the main application is healthy, we can worry about a plugin ecosystem.

But i don’t see anything in the license which prevents selling add-ons. Lots of FOSS projects make money this way.

(Siddhant Rane) #3

Natron has community-made PyPlugs which are similar to Nuke Gizmos. They’re all free and available on the Natron Github page.
Natron Global Community page:

you can find some Shadertoy templates here.

As for working on commercial projects in Natron, yes you can do that. Natron is open source so you can use it for any purpose or even modify/fork it.

(Siddhant Rane) #4

About the second part, you’ll have to make a PyPlug, exactly what I mentioned in my previous reply.
Watch any tutorial on how to create Nuke Gizmos and the same can be applied in Natron.