Natron Project Showcase

There wasn’t yet a thread to share stuff made with Natron so I thought I’d start one.

Here’s some work that I’ve made over the years that uses Natron in some way

Natron was used to make the background (mostly using IDistort) and to make the animated emoji bouncing icons (ran a Natron project on a folder of still images using the command line - may write a tutorial about it).

Used Natron for the background animation and a lot of the smaller animations and composited it all using Olive.

Natron did most of the text work. The timing for titles was done using Aegisub (subtitled editor) and then importing the SRT file into Natron. The typewriter text effect from 1:00 was done using expressions in the Text node.

Please share your stuff as well!


@hellocatfood, your videos are so weird, may I ask why, if it is no secret (I honestly did not understand)? BTW, I liked the techniques you used. And lastly, what is the name of the font you used in your Design Yourself?

About me, this was my first project in Natron (which was a fan tribute, I made one using still images):

80% work done in Natron: a very simple compositing, basic camera, A LOT OF countdown effects, basic color grading, glow, etc…
the others including cutting character masks, motion interpolation, upscaling, timeline were done in GIMP, slowMoVideo, waifu2x, kdenlive respectively.

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@hellocatfood I dig these! Did you compose the sounds as well? Its like our cyber distopian future (or present!).

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@okhostok haha, I hope being weird is a good thing! I make mostly conceptual art and exhibit in galleries. There’s usually a bit of backstory to my work and even then I like to go wild with my interpretations.

The first video, Let’s Never Meet, was for a festival about Love and I wanted to make a video about meeting people online and how they become more human like once you get to know them. @paperdigits I made the audio for this video and wrote a blog post about the process (and made the audio for We Are Your Friends too)

For the Design Yourself video the participants I worked with made the audio. The font used is Roboto Google Fonts

I liked your video @okhostok!


I’m going to say, absolutely yes, its great :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 being weird is awesome xD

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I’ve got a bit of a different use case! For my latest design project I’ve used Natron as a post-processing system to style graphics made in Illustrator. The 3D bezel was made in Maya.

The appearance panel in Illustrator is great… but it can’t do everything. Fortunately I’ve had a fair amount of Nuke experience and Natron has the same node based workflow with none of the export size restrictions! The full sized images were 10800 × 7200 and while Natron’s viewer may have had some hiccups here and there it was generally an alright time, super pleased with the result!

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This looks great! Was the image animated in any way?

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Thanks! No animation, just a static piece of info des.

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@hellocatfood Let’s Never Meet is my favourite of the three.

Watching Design Yourself: I Never Found Her at 2x speed was interesting.

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