Natron SVG animation

experiment with svg in natron


That is nice. If you add some animated eyes, it will be cute and scary at the same time.

Thanks. I have to follow it.

I inspire me in your article:


Wow!! Thanks for reading my article. It humbling to here that it inspired you.

Cool Breeze!


Only lacking:

And it is much better that Synfig Studio :smiling_imp:


screenshot problem with alpha

This is a bug in ReadSVG!
Take a look at the nube0 layer. It’s white and premultiplied, so we should have R=G=B=A everywhere, including on the border. If you look at the pixels on the border, alpha is much higher than expected.
So either there is a gamma correction issue, or a premultiplication issue

OK found the bug, fixed it for 2.3.13, but you can also fix it with older versions:

In ReadSVG, set manually File Premult to PreMultiplied


GNUVolador now part of the official Natron unit tests (which are run continuously) Natron-Tests/GNUVolador at master · NatronGitHub/Natron-Tests · GitHub

GNUVolador is also available as part of the official Natron example projects in

I also fixed the filename in the Writer to be relative to [Project]