Natron under macOS Monterey: use at least version 2.4.2, unstable

Hi Natron users,

There seems to be a nasty bug affecting Natron on macOS Monterey, see github issue #712.

Basically, Natron cannot load Natron projects reliably on macOS Monterey.

It is very difficult to debug this, as it is seemingly due to a change in the OS. All Natron versions, at least from 2.1.9, are affected, so this is not due to a source code change or dependency upgrade.

If you have a system with macOS Monterey ould you please try to reproduce this bug, and report in github issue #712 if you can or cannot reproduce it.

Also, if you are using Natron, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to Monterey for now.

version 2.4.2 (already available for Monterey) implements a partial workaround, but I recmmend waiting for version 2.6 (which will be using Qt5): the crashes are due to Qt4 bugs